The movie is The Brothers O’Toole That pigeon on Earthquake’s hat is named “Rufus” who traveled with the boys until he shat on Colonel Sander’s white suit in a Chicago TV studio. The movie starred John Astin and though the cast was excellent, this was a time for fatuous “Wacky” western comedies, and the script/story is not very good. The Righteous Bluegrass Band however was recorded for posterity. The name of the band in the credits is: Righteous Bluegrass Ensemble.

You can watch the movie here. The band is at 32:28 or so.

Before the name “Rufus Krisp” the band had been the “Righteous Bluegrass Band

This is a KRMA TV “INSIGHT” special.

This may be the only video of RBB around! We will let you know!