Random Pics — Thru the Years

Random 1971 pic of Dick, Zeke, Scott with baby tiger, Robert with baby lion and Eric with adult banjo!  Bizarre shot!  

Super-talent and mostly hilarious Bob Hoban left, guest fiddled with the band — Zeke, Robert, Scott & Eric (l-r)
Mike “Zeke” Lepine, Robert Anderson & Roger Gemelle harmonize —
the band taking a leap in professional sound when Roger came aboard!
Robert and Roger
Note the sign behind the band saying John Prine will open for the RBB at the Earl of Old Town Chicago.
John Prine loved having the boys as his backup band, here with Fiddler Dan.
Ahhh, a GRAND!!! Robert and Dan work up a new song on Tour.
Robert with his mandolin idol the father of Bluegrass Bill Monroe. Chatting Bill’s F5 and Robert’s F4 at bluegrass festival.
Ray Bonneville’s music comes from his Canadian heart!
Wha? Rob getting music from a WASHtub & Kraig from a WASHboard & Spencer on the T-Bone!
The late Jaime Kibben with Manager Mike.
Well, they at least look fun.
Summer ’71 – Gold Hill, Colorado — Robert and Scott (leather pants) play new song for the Dillard’s Rodney Dillard (white shirt) and recording artist Eric Andersen (w/ciggy.)
FANCY or what? Each of the initial band members had their own ASCAP music publishing company.
This is Eric’s signed by the legendary music polymath Morton Gould.

Fiddlin’ Dick on right with Robert Anderson recently. Zeke says we need to call him Richard now.


With everyone in period costumes, horses whinnying down the
Buckskin Joe’s dirt street it felt authentically 1860.