Ebbets Field Stories #1

When we played Ebbets Field we had a dressing room that was a large suite on the second floor of the Brooks Tower (The club was on the first floor) and we would practice or relax there before and between shows.

If we were opening for someone we often shared the space.

On this gig we were opening for David Steinberg. A brilliant thinking man’s comic, David was very focused before the show, running through his act in his mind off in a corner and very quiet. This was when I first began to suspect that comedians who were so outgoing and seemingly carefree onstage, might be very different offstage. In fact most comedians are quiet or even a bit dark. It’s a much tougher gig than you might guess.

David asked us to back him on stage on Shell Silverstein’sFreakin’ At The Freaker’s Ball” so we practiced that with him. After he did his act he called us back up and we backed him on that and the crowd loved it. David knew how to sell it!